Bible Truths Blog Index

Below are the biblical truth lessons. Select the photo, underlined text or Read More to view the lesson. Each lesson also has a Podcast that you can listen too.

1. What is Grace?

“Grace” is the most important concept in the Bible, Christianity, and the world. It is most clearly expressed in the promises of God revealed in Scripture and embodied in Jesus Christ.….. Read More

2. Receive from God

Christian burnout happens when believers try again and again to please God so they can receive blessings from Him. We must understand that God wants us to receive from Him first then praise and glorify Him by sharing the good fruit He has blessed us with….. Read More.

3. Needs of the Soul

Mental problems are the biggest problem in our society today. Since the Soul is the source of our feelings, thoughts and emotions we must have a healthy soul for good mental health. The soul contains our thoughts, will, feelings and emotions. The soul guides us in our everyday decisions. The soul can cooperate with the flesh and against the will of God or our old self or with our born again spirit and the will of God.Read More

4. God’s Purpose for Your Life.

Declaring God’s greatness is one reason for our very existence. When we praise Him, we fulfill our purpose. He has called us out of the darkness of a meaningless life, and an eternity apart from Him, and into His wonderful, marvelous light. Because we belong to Him, we belong in His light.Read More.

5. Living with Joy

As we are now under the New Covenant of Jesus Christ and not the law we don’t have to wait for the joy of heaven. Because His Spirit lives in us as a new creation we have God’s joy along with all His promises through Grace by the blood of Jesus Christ in us now.….Read More

6. God’s Healing and Health

Believers are free from the price of our own sin, and from the power of sin and curse to poison our choices. Now, thanks to Jesus’ suffering, Christians can live righteously and healthy. We don’t have to sin or live with sickness and disease; we are free to make right choices that please and honor our God….Read More

7. Know the Holy Spirit

We live in a world where lies are spoken, taught and accepted The world is confused because they don’t know the truth. We believers in Christ have the “Spirit of Truth” which is the Holy Spirit that guides us into the truth. When we open our hearts and commune with the Holy Spirit there is no way we can live in bondage, confusion or fear. Jesus said “you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.”….Read More

8. Biblical Repentance

Repentance in Biblical terms is not what most people think it means. Most think it means only to try to stop sinning and ask God for forgiveness and then feel guilty, sorrowful, regret and condemning ourselves. Not so, the only way to biblical repentance is to believe and accept that Jesus Christ is Lord and savior…. Read More

9. Don’t Be Ruled By Fear

Fear is “an unpleasant, often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger”. Triggered by real or nonexistent situations, fear impacts people both emotionally and physically. How is it possible to live beyond fear in a worry-driven world? What Does ‘Do Not Fear’ Mean in the Bible? No matter our worries, God already has a plan and He never leaves us to fend for ourselves…. READ MORE

10. Living with Courage

As we learn to know the truth in our inner man or woman, we are sure of what we think and believe about things, so that when the time comes for boldness, we are ready to step forward like a lion. Boldness will characterize the righteous man or woman of God. You could call this courage or bravery, but righteousness breeds boldness…. READ MORE

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